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Our Lead Pastor

JIM SHINER and his wife Tammy, were members of our church back in the early 1990s while he served in the US Air Force at Fairchild AFB.

God used this church to prepare him for ministry as he left in June of 1994 to start Faith Community Church in Ocean Shores. Jim served as pastor of that church for over 10 years. He also served as the pastor of First Baptist Church of Monroe, WA for another 10 years.

At the beginning of this year they returned to Spokane Valley for Jim to serve as pastor of Valleypoint Church.

Jim grew up in Western Washington (Woodinville, Issaquah) while Tammy was born and raised in Spokane. They were married in Spokane, have children (25 to 14 years old) and have been blessed with three grandsons.

Jim is also the founder and director of “Restoration Uganda” a non-profit ministry that helps about 200 students in Uganda receive an education through American sponsorships. He travels to Kampala, Uganda about once a year in support of this ministry. For more details, visit

Our Office Administrator

CHELAN LAURICH-GLUBRECHT has served as our Office Administrator since 2013.

Born and raised in Spokane, she has been part of our church family for most of her life.

Chelan earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from Carroll College in Helena, Montana and a master's degree in social work from Eastern Washington University.

Married to Britt Glubrecht, Chelan enjoys her family life and having the opportunity to serve at Valleypoint Church.

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