Making Disciples through a Loving Community

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Our Values

What we value can determine the spirit of the church, where we are going and how we relate to one another. We value:


We want to know you - this is why we encourage all of our members to belong to a Life Group. It is our primary means of ensuring that everyone receives pastoral care, discipleship and the opportunity to make friends.


Our youth and children's ministry is one of our highest priorities. We will invest time, talent, people and money to ensure that our children have a high quality ministry offered to them. We must reach the next generation with the gospel and equip them to follow Christ in a changing world.

The Word and Spirit

We value God's word (the Bible) as well as the empowering presence of God (the Holy Spirit). We love His Word, which tells us that Jesus hasn't left us as orphans, but has sent His Holy Spirit to indwell us and empower us.

God's Grace

The grace of God has transformed the way we can relate to God and to each other. We are justified as a gift by God's grace. We seek to allow grace to permeate all that we do as a church.


Valleypoint Church does not exist for itself. We exist to bless the people and city of Spokane Valley by proclaiming and demonstrating the Gospel of Christ. Jesus has given us a mission and we are called to co-labor with him in helping people find their way back (draw closer) to God.

Our Heritage

We have a long and rich history of reaching people in Spokane Valley since our first worship service on Easter Sunday of 1955 as Pines Baptist Church. We continue to voluntarily affiliate with the Southern Baptist Convention, supporting missionaries and ministries through our prayers and giving. We function as an autonomous local church under the Lordship of Christ without any denominational control.
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